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With Good choice media you have the right to return an article within 14 days, without stating reasons (right of withdrawal). Within this period you may view, rate and / or adjust the item as you do in a store, unless stated otherwise. To expedite your return shipment, you can easily use our return form.

To cancel or return (revoke) you can also use the model withdrawal form that you find on the page of the label. You have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. For all conditions, read further below.

After revoking your order, you must return the articles within 14 days of reporting the cancellation.

By submitting your return shipment in advance, your return shipment can be processed quickly.

Both clothing and other items can be returned to Shopper Dealz Nederland. When returning your order please note that your return shipment meets the following requirements:

· The product is in the - as far as reasonably possible - original condition and factory packaging

· The product is complete

With every delivery you receive a delivery and return ticket. To use your right of withdrawal, it is sufficient to send this ticket. You can also indicate that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal by completing the withdrawal form. However, you are not obliged to use the withdrawal form, because the right of withdrawal also applies without the form. The form is available on our contact form.

Revocation amount

With the application of the right of withdrawal, your payment obligation will not expire. You will have to pay within the deadline. If the return process in our administration creates a credit and you have paid the order in advance with Ideal, we will refund it immediately. If you send the entire order back, the shipping costs will expire. We pay you back with the same payment as you paid us.

In general, we will refund the purchase amount within 14 days after termination. Dissolution arises from the moment you have informed us of the cancellation of the purchase.

Pay attention! The following items, if the package is no longer sealed, can not be returned in connection with hygiene (this is also legally determined):

· All opened bottles of Perfume / Aftershave and other cosmetic products.